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Egyéni keresés


Not to be, or change to be!

Todor Simeonov (1947)




You, no matter who you are, could be less than an arm's length away from changing the world!




















Todor Simeonov was born in Varna, Bulgaria in 1947 where he completed the French Lyceum before continuing his studies in mathematics at the Eötvös Lóránd University of Science in Budapest, were he subsequently gained his Masters degree in 1973 followed by a doctorate in Social Sciences in 1982.

He took part in numerous state researches and modeling tasks until 1991, after which he worked as a publisher and editor. Since 1995, he has been responsible for the publication of the popular Changing World (Változó Világ) series of educational books and the identically named website since 1998.

Simeonov is autor of several books and articles. Hi He also writes haiku.






Hirdetés X







Nothing new under the sun, only the changing world...

(Nincs új a nap alatt, csak a változó világ...)


I feel, therefore I was. I think, therefore I am. I do, therefore I will be.

(Érzek, tehát voltam. Gondolkodom, tehát vagyok. Cselekszem, tehát leszek.)


Your knowledge is your power.

(A te tudásod a te hatalmad!)


Fact is few, opinion is overly.

(A tény kevés, a vélemény sok.)


Knowledge is the power of being. Community is the morality of being. Joy is the reason of being.

(A tudás a létezés hatalma. A közösség a létezés erkölcse. Az öröm a létezés értelme.)


I am the State. We all say it at the same time!

(Az állam én vagyok! Mondjuk egyszerre!)


Sometimes we feel the world is narrow. Fortunately, we have a thought.

(Néha szűknek érezzük a világot. Szerencsére van gondolatunk!)


The children is a promise, the adult explanation …

(A gyermek ígéret, a felnőtt magyarázkodás...)


The civilization


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Text is available under GFDL. Changing World Foundation, 2016


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